North West 10k
A record 50 club members took part in Sunday’s super hot NW10k!  Conditions were tough in a blistering heat but 24/7 members performed superbly aided by the shouts and cheers of the wonderful 24/7 support. Aidan Callaghan was first 24/7 member to cross the line in a fantastic 35:49, setting him up well for next Sunday’s Strabane Lifford Half Marathon. Gavin Crawford was second member finishing in 36:18. Sean McFadden was third member home in a time of 37:26.

Fionnuala Larkin was the first 24/7 female to finish in a super time of 44:45. Bronagh O’Gara was second lady in 45:24. Ita McGettigan was third female finishing in 48:46, a brilliant performance coming back from an injury.
It would be impossible to highlight individual performances for 49 members but full results are attached below. Special mention to all those who achieved PBs on the day especially to junior Chloe Wasson on her first 10k run debut. Congratulations everyone!

 Tour of the Glens 200k
Well done to Eugene McGettigan who completed the Tour of Glens 200km cycle on Sunday.

 Letterkenny Educate Together NS 5k
Tuesday’s run session incorporated the Letterkenny Educate Together NS 5k. On a night of terrible rain Gavin Crawford was the winner by just 0.7 of a second. A tit for tat race Gavin pipped it on the line in 17:13:2 just ahead of Sean McFadden in 17:13:9. Paul Cullen had a brilliant run also in 18:10. Liam Tinney showing his great running form is returning with a super 19:42. A man usually just found on his bike, Shaun McDaid, 20:36, had a great run finishing just ahead of Brian Gormley in 20:40. Another very tight race Brian and Pat Brady (20:40:9) were neck and neck with just 0.3 seconds separating them. Emmet McClafferty had a super performance also finishing in 21:25. Catherine McKinley was first 24/7 woman to finish in 22:13. Martina McDaid, showing super form early in the season had a brilliant run in 22.53. Rachael Stilvern crossed the line in 23:45, a PB on a horrible night, well done Rachael.

Another junior showing great promise is Aoibheann O’Grady- crossing the line in a brilliant 24:40. Well done all-super running from all members with the grand prix series just beginning!

Sessiaghoneill 5k
Well done to club members Barry Foley, 21:26 and Caroline McCabe, 31:17, who completed Thursday’s Sessiaghoneill 5k.

Club  Training
Club training continues as follows:
Tuesday:  Road based session leaves Aura at 6.30pm sharp
Wednesday: Swim session- Beginners 7-8pm, All others 8-9pm
Thursday: Brick session 7pm sharp from Foxhall -Marshal: Stephanie Dunleavy
Saturday: Club cycle leaves from Aura at 8am
Saturday: Club swim session Saturday at 6pm Additional lane added for 14-16yr old club members- MUST be accompanied by a parent (please note prepayment does not cover Saturday swim)


Full Results

North West 10k
Aidan Callaghan               35:49
Gavin Crawford                36:18
Sean McFadden               37:26
Paul Cullen                        38:57
Paul Dillon                        40:41
Martin Donnelly              41:53
Liam Tinney                      42:30
Pat Brady                          42:37 PB
Brendan McBride            42:42
Fionnuala Larkin              44:45
Brian Gormley                  44:51
Bronagh O’Gara               45:24
Stephen Robinson           45:45
Philip Browne                   46:52
Johnny Duffy                    47:02
Keith Fletcher                   47:07
Barry Foley                       47:22
Shane Collins                    48:09
Keith Gordon                    48:45
Ita McGettigan                 48:47
Niamh Gibbons                49:00 PB
John McFadden               49:00
Fin Begley                         49:04
Tommy Hill                       49:59
Alaistair Hetherington    50:05
Martin  Robinson             50:15
Phillip Robinson               50:29
Martina McDaid              50:38
Terence Quinn                 51:26
Paul O’Gara                      52:00
Emmet McClafferty         52:48
Raj Mehan                        53:37
Rachael Stilvern               53:39
Anne Robinson            54:05
Aidan McFadden         54:26
Patrick Kennedy          54:50
Martina O’Donnell       55:06 PB
Labhaoise Maguire      55:30 PB
Cathy Harvey                57:19
Elaine Gallagher           57:52
Peter McLean               57:56
Fiona Temple                58:35
Georgina Dill             1:00:37
Paul Shevlin               1:02:46
Lourde Walsh            1:04:48
Sheral Hetherington 1:06:43
Chloe Wasson            1:10:54 PB
Fiona Gibbons            1:13:21
Caroline McCabe       1:14:24
Tamara Ledesma       1:17:27

Letterkenny Educate Together NS 5k
Gavin Crawford            17:13:2
Sean McFadden           17:13:9
Paul Cullen                   18:10
Liam Tinney                 19:42
Shaun McDaid             20:36
Brian Gormley              20:40:6
Pat Brady                       20:40:09
Emmet McClafferty     21:25
Catherine McKinley     22:13
Martina McDaid           22:53
Rachael Stilvern           23:45
Aoibheann O’Grady     24:40

Sessiaghoneill 5k
Barry Foley                    21:26
Caroline McCabe          31:17