About 2/47 Triathlon Club

In February ’09 a swimming group was formed on a Thursday night. Initially set up among friends and fellow athletes, it very quickly became the core and starting point for the now and hopefully one day famous 24/7 Triathlon Club.

Runners, cyclists and swimmers are all within the club and hopefully now we can turn each of these athletes into a competent performer in all three disciplines.

The name ’24/7′ came about during one of our post race reviews. Some friends and family brought to our attention that all we do is talk about triathlons, racing and training twenty-four-seven. So we thought it would be a fitting name for the club, showing our real passion and enthusiasm for multi-sports and training.

It took only 2 months for word to get around that a triathlon club had been set up in Letterkenny. With many local running, cycling and swimming clubs showing an interest, it was only ever going to be a winner.

Our last AGM saw the election of the following for 2017/2018:

Club Chairman – Liam Tinney
Club Secretary – Anne Robinson
Club Treasurer – Amanda McNulty
Club PRO – Fiona McDaid


Adrian Wasson

Aidan Callaghan

Gavin Crawford

Elaine Gallagher (Merchandising Officer)

Keith Fletcher

Philip Browne

Martin Donnelly

Michael Black